Founded by a team of board certified Doctors, Sequoia Telehealth is dedicated to providing in-home vital sign monitoring and patient education for the purposes of improving your quality of life.

We know that diseases like heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, and more can be incredibly overwhelming. Our team of nurses, and physicians will monitor your vitals and provide on the spot education and intervention to ensure the best possible outcomes, preventing you from having to return to the hospital.

Independence is important to a high quality of life and you shouldn’t be limited by illness.  Thats why when you chose Sequoia, you’ll have a team of medical professionals dedicated to assisting you with life style choices, medication management, dietary options, and access to a chronic care nurse.

Take back your life, and take back your independence.  Let Sequoia Telehealth be the link that has been missing in your health care management and join today.

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